New: Psychic Development Course Online

When people seek my counsel as a practicing psychic, they do so out of an interest in their own growth, sometimes confusion, or disillusionment, or economic need or emotional and/or physical pain. I believe my role is to inspire others to believe in themselves, not in me; to grow into their positive dreams, and to find fulfilment by serving our precious planet.

Hopefully this site will offer ideas, possibilities, and maybe, some tools, to manifest their perfect world within.

Life is far too important and transitory to experience it less than fully. Stephen Hawking, for all his physical disabilities, lives life in a fascinating world, the world within. Clearly the difficulty he has faced in life has, in its own way, with his own incredible attitude, expanded his universe, shown him visions of the world most of us find hard to follow. We know, even though his physical world is confined, he can touch the cosmos, and bring us with him. These unseen connections with the universe without and the universe of the mind/body, hold us spellbound.

The research of author, and neuro-peptide expert, Dr. Candace Pert, in her book "Molecules of Emotions", lets us glimpse the interplay of who we are, what we experience, and how we bend our outward reality by altering our inner chemistry.

Believing that this awe inspiring unseen universe within is within each of our grasp - to some unknown extent, the world in which dwells the metaphsycian, the psychic, the medium. Do any of these terms differ from one another? Years ago, I would take a deep breath and begin trying to explain...”there is no difference except when you believe it is. It is all there for everyone.” While I still see no defining discontinuity in the continuum, the subtle differences of expression are what keep forms of intuition, psychic abilities, mediumship, separately definable. As Dr. Roger Sperry so aptly stated (Nobel Prize winner for his split brain studies) "modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere of the brain”. Hopefully this website will spark ideas in you, improve your self-esteem and allow you to wonder at, and realize, your own gifts of insights, dreams, vision quests.

May the soul and spirit of each enjoy our adventures on this earth!
In the joyful light of love,