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Court TV to Spotlight Nationally Recognized Psychic Nancy Orlen Weber

DENVILLE, NJ, Feb. 27, 2004 - When New Jersey detective David Heater reached a dead end in the investigation of nurse Elizabeth Cornish's murder in 1987, he called psychic Nancy Orlen Weber ( Within weeks, Weber had helped Heater track down the serial killer responsible for the young woman's death. On March 10, 2004, Heater and Weber will tell their story on Court TV Network's "Psychic Detectives," the ten-part documentary series featuring psychics and the detectives they worked with.

Weber, who has played a pivotal role in solving many crimes that have stumped law enforcement, is one of a handful of psychics to receive a police badge for their work. In the 24 years she has assisted detectives throughout the nation, Weber has helped find missing people and solve scores of tough cases, many of which were detailed in her autobiography, "Psychic Detective: True Stories and Exercises for the Soul" (Unlimited Mind Publications, ISBN 0-9646118-2-1)

Jerry Lewis, a polygraph expert and retired New Jersey State Police detective who now conducts training in interviewing and interrogation for law enforcement, first heard about Weber when he read "Psychic Detective" in 1995. "I was amazed to read about her involvement in many cases I had worked," wrote Lewis. "I was even more impressed by her accuracy. She gave police specific, relevant, and concrete information early on in investigations that proved to be absolutely correct."

Although Weber is renowned for her police work, she uses her psychic abilities in all areas of her life. A graduate of Brooklyn College School of Nursing in 1963, Weber began working as a medical intuitive, psychic, healer and educator in 1975. Since then she has taught workshops in holistic and spiritual concepts, worked with psychiatrists, formed and run a nonprofit organization, worked with the AIDS task force throughout New Jersey, authored books, manuals, audio tapes and CDs, and become an interfaith ordained minister, performed weddings, baby blessings and memorials since 1980 ( Her 2002 book, "The Gift of Interspecies Communication: True Stories and Exercises for the Soul" (Unlimited Mind Publications, ISBN 0-96-46-118-3-x), chronicles her work as an animal communicator and an SPCA agent.

"In different quarters I am known as a clergy member, psychic, medical intuitive, animal communicator, psychic detective, crisis counselor, writer, educator, lecturer, songwriter, illustrator, publisher, and president of a nonprofit in holistic health education," Weber explained. "I love DaVinci's philosophy that music, art and science are just different focuses for the same energy."